Trouble installing Ardour on ubuntu mate.

Mike Andrechuk parkdale999 at
Sat Jul 10 17:30:07 UTC 2021

Hi. I'm using a raspberry pi4 with ubuntu mate installed as the OS. Tried
installing both versions (_armhf-6.8.0. and Ardour_arm64-6.8.0)
When I try to install, I get the message:


!!! ERROR !!! Can't locate arm64 bundle file.
The installer detected the system as arm64, but this bundle
does not contain the files needed for that configuration.

Press ENTER to exit installer:"

arm64 => not found (for about 200 lines)

!!! ERROR !!! - Missing library detected!
This system does not have the correct libs to run Ardour.
Installation will not complete. Please use a compatible distro.

Is there another version?

thanks. Mike.
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