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Thomas Ward teward at
Tue Oct 6 15:07:52 UTC 2020

What version of Ubuntu are you working with?  `cfengine` has been
removed from Debian since 2006, and consequently from later Ubuntu
versions as well.  It has not been available since Feisty, and therefore
is not installable.

Debian indicated the following at the time of the removal

> Please remove the cfengine package from the archive.  It's dead
upstream and has been superseded by cfengine2.

cfengine2 WAS the replacement, but cfengine2 is also gone as of Disco
Dingo 19.04, because it was removed in Debian:

> Please remove cfengine2. It's RC-buggy and the 2.2.10 upstream release
was uploaded almost a decade ago and one of the few remaining packages
blocking the removal of OpenSSL 1.0. The package hasn't been uploaded
for two years.
> Stretch have both cfengine2 and cfengine3, so users can migrate within
a stable release to cfengine3.

cfengine3 is still maintained it seems in Debian and seems to be
available still in Ubuntu.  cfengine3's website is:  so this is probably what you'll want to look into

NOTE: This does not constitute a statement to support cfengine or
cfengine3 - this is simply information for you.


On 9/30/20 9:39 PM, Kristopher Fisher wrote:
> I am not sure if this is even important , but because of my unfortunate hacked and harassed situation, I felt it is a detail that for other unfortunate users, I should at least point out.
> In the never ending attempt to harden my system security, I ran the program Lynis, which instructed me to install a package called CFEngine.  In the process of installing this package, I couldn't help bu notice that Ubuntu has the package's homepage listed as, yet while trying to learn more before installing, the only package I have been able to find via all search engines, including Google , is page
> Spotting details like that while trying to improve security doesn't help confidence of having secure system and secure connections.
> Just thought I'd let you know.   :)
> Any third party access to this account, this email address, any identification numbers that could be used for tracking, or any links of connection, are all strictly prohibited, and any data migration that has ever taken place was a crime and will be a crime.   
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