maintaining memtest86+

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Fri Apr 3 20:11:40 UTC 2020

Hi Sam, 

How are things progressing ? Do you have a public git tree available already ? 
In the current state of things, even a pre-release would be of interest to many :) 

Best regards, 

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> Hi John,

> I’m testing many forks right now to finally release an “official”
> update to 5.01.

> You did an awesome work compiling many important fixes that must be
> solved quickly. Thank you for that.

> I will release an update (5.40 to keep my internal numbering scheme
> coherent) with your fixes (and some other) within 2 weeks.

> Regards,

> Sam

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> Subject: maintaining memtest86+

> Hi all,

> I wanted to see how memtest86+ worked, so I was poking at it and
> ended up fixing a bunch of bugs. This work is here:

> Does anyone from still accept patches? If the
> team has moved on, could I become the new maintainer?

> Thanks,

> John
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