maintaining memtest86+

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Mon Apr 6 11:58:42 UTC 2020

Hi Yann,


I’m cursed with Memtest86+ these days. :-)


Some days after my last email in January, I had a severe (and sudden) autoimmune illness and I spent the 6 following weeks in hospital. Early March, I started to debug some detection code, but we then entered lockdown here in France due to coronavirus and I don’t have access to my test platforms anymore. 


I will post a beta release (without the detection code patch, or maybe only for smbus, but with all other patchs) this week, probably on Friday. 






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Hi Sam,

How are things progressing ?  Do you have a public git tree available already ?
In the current state of things, even a pre-release would be of interest to many :)

Best regards,


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Hi John,


I’m testing many forks right now to finally release an “official” update to 5.01.


You did an awesome work compiling many important fixes that must be solved quickly. Thank you for that.


I will release an update (5.40 to keep my internal numbering scheme coherent) with your fixes (and some other) within 2 weeks.







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Hi all,


I wanted to see how memtest86+ worked, so I was poking at it and ended up fixing a bunch of bugs. This work is here:


Does anyone from <>  still accept patches? If the <>  team has moved on, could I become the new maintainer? 






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