Imagination 3.1 released

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Sun Oct 14 17:39:38 UTC 2018


I hope this message finds you well. After 7 years from the last version, I
finally released 3.1. You can download it from here:

This is the changelog:

-Export is now much faster than the 3.0 version.
- Ending the slideshow with a blank slide with the same transition applied
to the first one is now opt$
                        - Added an elapsed time information in the Export
                        - Made the slides to be selected during the
preview/export and its number shown on the menu bar.
                        - Fixed seg-fault when trying to rotate
gradient/text slides.
                        - Current slideshow is not closed anymore when
clicking ok/cancel in the properties/new slideshow dial$
                        - Slide duration can be finally set to less than a
second. That was a long requested feature!
                        - Added patch from Giovanni Mariani to fix ffmpeg
cmd line error when producing VOB.
                        - Added two more text transitions and moved -r
encoder option before the input filename thanks to Bruc$
                        - Fixed bugs #82 and #83 thanks to Davide
                        - Fixed compilation error on Fedora 13 (check for
                        - Fix loading of slides without image, bug #3306969
                        - Fix: Propose a project name (unknown.img) when
saving a new project from the "save" button.
                        - The video formats code was rewritten, including
saving/loading the project settings. Fixes bug #3306$
                        - Added H.264/MPEG-4 AVC support, thanks to David

Giuseppe Torelli
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