No more dialog in `apt upgrade -y` events

Jesse Steele jesse at
Sun Nov 25 06:40:30 UTC 2018

I'm a dev who relies on updates on many machines; I write scripts to 
handle them. I don't have the resources to investigate every daily build 
to see if GRUB or PHP is going to ask a question that, under most 
circumstances, needs the obvious, default answer.

This isn't just any Linux distro, this is the awesome Ubuntu, which we 
use for its reliability. So, we don't need to have PHP and GRUB or any 
other update nag us at the `apt upgrade -y` events. All `upgrade` 
packages should come with a presumed responseā€”GRUB's menu can be updated 
when IT wants to, don't bother asking if I used `-y`; and no of course I 
don't want to override all the php.ini settings I have for my production 
servers. If upgrade packages need options, let the devs with more 
resources still have the option, with information on how to automate 
those in the `upgrade` well in advance, but not if using `upgrade -y`.

Cheers all!

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