Support for ZFS root at install time?

Rich Teer rich at
Fri Nov 23 04:10:24 UTC 2018

Hi there,

I'm a long-time ZFS user (since the very early Solaris 10 days) and Ubuntu's
support of ZFS is the primary reason why I chose it over CentOS for my home
server.  Can someone please tell me when ZFS will be officially supported as
a root file system?  I used the how-to to do this for my 16.04 installation
and plan to upgrade to 18.04 Real Soon Now(tm).  It would be really nice to
see ZFS offered as a file system choice at installation time, ideally the
default one.

For bonus points, it would be great if Ubuntu supported the concept of different
ZFS-powered boot environments (like BSD's beadm command).  BEs make upgrading
and (more importantly) rolling back if necessary very quick and easy.

Any answers greatfully received!


Rich Teer

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