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Prafulla Giri pratheblackdiamond at
Fri Feb 16 14:46:24 UTC 2018

Esteemed maintainers,

I would like to request that OpenShot's new version be included in the
Ubuntu Software Repositories. Currently, only version 1.x is available from
the repo. But it's been a few years since Ubuntu version 2.x has been
released, and it uses it's own powerful library for video editing.
Currently, there is a PPA but it is not yet included in the official repo.

The benefits of including the software in the repository would be
I'd like to point out a few of those:
1. You'll be able to contribute bug-fixes back to the main project, which
will make the project a lot more stable/better.
2. OpenShot is arguably the most user-friendly Linux video editor. It is
far more powerful than imovie and windows movie maker. It is Blender for
human beings, so to speak, in terms of video editing. Having it in the repo
would help the users get a really friendly video editing app, and would
hopefully increase overall user satisfaction, too.
3. Some of the Ubuntu maintainers might love the project and start
contributing to it on a regular basis --- which is precisely what this
awesome project currently needs.
4. Because the software would be exposed to a lot more users, we might get
new enthusiastic community members who might help in the development of the
program. That would be another win for Linux Filmmaking.

Therefore, in light of the aforementioned benifits, I would like to humbly
request the esteemed maintainers to include OpenShot 2.x in the official
Ubuntu repositories.

Here are the links:
Official Website:

With Regards,
- A well-wisher of the OpenShot project
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