Jansson Security Patches Break Object Keys

Brian C. Wiles brian.wiles at vizio.com
Thu Aug 2 02:28:29 UTC 2018


  We use the jansson library for parsing and generating JSON, and
today's update for Trusty appears to have broken the functionality to
lookup keys in JSON objects.  This has severely impacted our services,
and we are having to try to find an old version and roll back to it.

  Specifically, if you call json_object_get(), it fails to find keys
that are in the JSON object and returns NULL.  We are loading the object
via json_load_file() first.

  This functionality was broken in 2.5-2ubuntu0.1, and it was working in

  If there is more info you need or something else we should do, please
let me know.  Thank you!


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