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Wed Jul 12 12:46:57 UTC 2017

freddy walde schreef op 12-07-2017 10:21:

> Hi.I am a user of Ubuntu studio and I use it mainly to edit time lapse 
> photos as a hobby. My query is if you can make a cluster between my 
> laptop and pc to improve the speed of rendering, the idea is for the 
> eagerness to decrease the time, put a solid disk to my pc and increase 
> speed, but the microprocessor went on 90% and then it is turned off by 
> heating I suppose, which is solved by performing a small-lot without 
> problems, and looking for solutions I foundBackburnerFor autodesk, and 
> looking for something similar for ubuntu is the cluster but I do not 
> find a suitable tutorial and also does not clarify if it works with all 
> programs, in the renderizaso use rawtherapee.Even I think it would be 
> interesting to share the micro and the memory of your computers in a 
> simple way for a job in particular. Many people could give their 
> computer a boost by adding the resources of their laptop.

This requires each application to be designed for parallelism because 
jobs must be split into smaller parts, sent over the network, and then 
sent back when completed.

You cannot just have one process run on multiple machines.

If your desktop overheats then that is a real issue with your system you 
would need to tackle first? A CPU should not shut itself down so easily. 
What language have you translated this from?

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