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freddy walde fwalde73 at
Wed Jul 12 08:21:12 UTC 2017

Hi.I am a user of Ubuntu studio and I use it mainly to edit time lapse
photos as a hobby. My query is if you can make a cluster between my laptop
and pc to improve the speed of rendering, the idea is for the eagerness to
decrease the time, put a solid disk to my pc and increase speed, but the
microprocessor went on 90% and then it is turned off by heating I suppose,
which is solved by performing a small-lot without problems, and looking for
solutions I foundBackburnerFor autodesk, and looking for something similar
for ubuntu is the cluster but I do not find a suitable tutorial and also
does not clarify if it works with all programs, in the renderizaso use
rawtherapee.Even I think it would be interesting to share the micro and the
memory of your computers in a simple way for a job in particular. Many
people could give their computer a boost by adding the resources of their
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