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Am Samstag, den 09.07.2016, 16:52 +0200 schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> Hi,
> on Ubuntu devel "snapcraft" was mentioned today. I made some Internet
> research and Snappy was even mentioned on a RME forum. I wonder it
> it's
> a sandbox or virtualization, that could cause issues with real-time
> and/or jack connections with "regular" apps. IOW I don't understand,
> if
> there is an additional layer, a separation or if it's just like a
> regular install to /opt, without using shared libs, but also without
> a
> layer, IOW without a separation?
> Sometimes German Ubuntu help pages are better than the English pages,
> but regarding this topic, there seem to be no German Ubuntu Wikis at
> all.
the snap/snapcraft mailing list is at

some details about snappy can be found at

regarding the setup, it is kind of neither virtualization, nor
container, nor sandbox ... 

snapd ships its own execution environment for snaps (which you could
call a container), but then bind mounts bits and pieces from the host
system readonly into that environment. then it wraps all execution with
apparmor and seccomp monitoring (which you could call a sandbox, but it
reallly isnt one :) ) ... 

that confinement then offers interfaces a snap can use through which
you get direct access to i.e. hardware or other system resources (...if
the user permits, imagine the android or IOS permission system here)
snaps can offer interfaces for other snaps or just consume existing

so to answer your question about realtime, it should be completely
possible to have realtime apps use snappy but will likely need
additional interfaces added (you can always install a snap with the --
devmode option which switches off all confinement. in this case it
would not behave different to some bundled binary you simply installed
to /opt as you described above)

i hope that clearifies some bits ;)

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