building Ubuntu kernels on a Red Hat host

Roger W Nichols roger at
Thu Jan 14 14:39:00 UTC 2016


I have SHELL set as /bin/bash in both cases.

My best guess is there is something different about the default
configuration of make, but I do not know how to check that


From:	Robie Basak <robie.basak at>
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Date:	01/13/2016 04:47 PM
Subject:	Re: building Ubuntu kernels on a Red Hat host

Hi Roger,

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 04:37:03PM -0500, Roger W Nichols wrote:
> Turns out the raw_kernelversion variable was triggering a recursive make
> from, which printed the directory information.  All the
> `'" were confusing the shell, causing the error.  To fix the problem I
> added --no-print-directory into
> So, my question is.... Is this a bug? enhancement?  Is this even
> Ubuntu team wishes to address given the unusual setup we have which
> triggered this?

This makes me wonder why you're seeing different behaviour.

On Debian and Ubuntu, /bin/sh runs dash. What does RHEL do? Could a
difference here explain the difference in behaviour that you're seeing?
The SHELL make variable might be useful here to experiment with.

I can't speak for the kernel team but I'd expect Makefile shell bits to
be POSIX compliant, and if it's not, then I'd file a bug with a patch.
Assuming that's the cause.

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