Fwd: Infiniband mstflint package SRU with new HW support provided by Mellanox

Rafael David Tinoco rafael.tinoco at canonical.com
Fri Jan 8 04:03:04 UTC 2016

In the following bug:


There is a direct request from Mellanox for Ubuntu to sync "mstflint"
package with Debian.

While that is okay for Xenial, after bisecting mstflint code with
ConnectX-4 HBAs, I could see the exact commit that brings ConnectX-4
HBAs support to mstflint is huge and does not fit into SRU guidelines.

My question is the following:


In this particular case, the requestor - Mellanox - is also the author
of the code and responsible for any problem and/or regression this
"fix" would cause.

Should we only target Xenial for this HW support ? Is there a problem
merging latest mstflint version as SRU for Trusty, Vivid & Wily as
well ?


Either way I'll propose a merge request with latest code for Xenial,
but, the question arrises because as we move on with HWE kernels,
tools such as mstflint - for firmware burning/configs - might not
support new features presented by newer kernels (like new HBAs).

Thank you


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