GRSecurity Closes Stable Patch of Linux Kernel, Your opinion?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Tue Sep 15 10:30:24 UTC 2015


there were already discussions about violations of the GPL on Linux
audio lists, but I have forgotten if it's allowed to provide the source
to customers only. IMO it doesn't matter what's allowed and what isn't
allowed, there's an ethical commitment to keep source code open. Another
issue is that companies might be unfair, common sense for civilised
societies is, that if somebody is unfair or criminal, this still isn't
a reason to become unfair or criminal too. It's not a daisy chain,
"somebody has stolen my toy, so I'll steal the toys of other children",
kindergarten teacher don't allow such a behaviour.

"The test series, unfit in our view for production use, will however
continue to be available to the public to avoid impact to the Gentoo
Hardened and Arch Linux communities."

In other words, the Linux community is still good enough to provide the
base code and unpaid testers.

However, I'm not surprised, social intercourse affecting refugees
becomes more and more uncivilised with every hour, so I don't expect
that intellectual property will be shared in a civilised manner.
Humanes are degenerated, at least uncivilised, if they care more about a
killed lion, than about other humans and sharing unexceptional

2 Cents,

PS: I'm an Arch Linux user, but there's no mailing list for such
discussions. I also doubt that this list is the right place to discus
it. One list for such discussions is

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