Last minute sync of a new Debian package

Zeev Pekar zeev.pekar at
Sun Oct 18 20:13:52 UTC 2015

Dear Archive Admins,

I know you are extremely busy now but I was out of luck in the last

1. our hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation library got too late
into Debian:
2. I missed the final freeze date in order to get it synced into Ubuntu
on time,
3. I started discussion about this issue in a wrong channel,
4. and now as I try to open a proper sync requested on Launchpad - it
refuses to send me verification email, so I can't proceed.

So I'm turning on you in this informal way asking to sync the package
before the final 15.10 release. It should work smoothly as indicated

This package is of enormous significance for the scientific/HPC user
community in general and for Ubuntu in particular, considering the fact
that it is a member of the OpenPower Foundation[1].

There is no risk to introduce a regression as the package is new and
nothing depends on it (yet).

Thank you in advance!


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