Backport latest stable virtualization packages to LTS

Andrew Martin amartin at
Fri May 29 18:42:34 UTC 2015


I actively use the qemu-kvm and libvirt virtualization stack on the latest
Ubuntu server LTS release in a number of production systems. This
virtualization stack is stable, mature, and provides a great base on which to
host VMs. However, it seems that these packages are not updated once an LTS is
released, aside from security updates. I know that this is due to the Ubuntu
SRU (, however some major bugs have
been found that I think satisfy one of the "When" conditions. For example, I 
discovered a bug that would cause the on-disk XML for a VM defined by libvirt
to not be updated when a snapshot is taken:

The result would be that if the host is rebooted or the VM is shutdown, the
next time it starts up, it would use the previous snapshot, thus either failing
to start or invalidating the data on the current snapshot. I believe this
satisfies the "Bugs which may, under realistic circumstances, directly cause a 
loss of user data" bullet point on the SRU page.

I would really like to run a stable virtualization system on top of the latest
LTS, but it is hard when new stable releases are not available. Would it be 
possible for Ubuntu to actively support backporting the stable virtualization 
stack, e.g in a PPA? I see that the Ubuntu Virtualization Team exists on 
Launchpad, but does not appear to be active:


Andrew Martin

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