Choosing a language for guest session

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at
Wed May 13 09:35:23 UTC 2015

Hi Andriy, and thanks for your suggestion!

On 2015-05-10 12:02, Андрій Шелунцов wrote:
> Right now guest session starts with a language which is set for
> ordinary user who started the ordinary  session.
> I some cases(international families for example) it could be not the 
> best solution.

Actually, the language for a guest session is the system default
language (as defined in the /etc/default/locale config file), and not
dependent on the language for the user session from which a guest
session is launched. So one option is to set the system language to
what's typically the most appropriate language for the guests.

> So i offer to add the option for guest user to choose the language
> by himself.

I agree that letting the guest user select the language would be a nice
feature. Please feel free to file a wishlist bug. (It would be against
the lightdm package.)

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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