Anti-feature: installing and replacing applications on update

Bernie spraff at
Mon Jan 26 13:40:54 UTC 2015

I just did an upgrade of Kubuntu 14.10, first in a few weeks.

When I downloaded a .zip in Firefox it asked me to open it in "Archive
Mounter" instead of "Ark" then nothing happened. I opened the downloads
folder from Firefox and it opened in Nautilus instead of Dolphin.

So, the upgrade process
a) installed a whole new application without my permission, and
b) changed my file associations, again without my permission.

Upgrades simply should NOT do this, they should only upgrade programs which
are already installed. I think IBus also installed itself without my
permission a while ago too, and that is causing problems.

Policy changes as to which applications are installed should only happen in
new releases. I am extremely annoyed, I should not have to take time out of
my day to fix these. Consider also that it is not easy to find out what
changes have taken place. I don't want to be given more than I asked for.

Thanks for reading.
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