Move old ldap auth solution from main?

Bryan Quigley bryan.quigley at
Tue Jan 6 19:25:13 UTC 2015


I noticed that libnss-ldap was no longer maintained upstream* (and has
a good amount of bugs) and has good replacements available (sssd, but
libnss-ldap*d* also works) so I thought it might be a good candidate
to move out of main in Vivid.

In Ubuntu it's also dependent on libpam-ldap, ldap-auth-config and
ldap-client-config.  The ldap-auth-* packages are custom to Ubuntu.
All would have to be moved out to universe (or none).


Reverse Depends:
ldap-auth-config - zentyal-users (universe), python-schooltool.ldap (universe)
Suggests to either ldap/ldapd - pynslcd (universe), cipux-rpcd (universe)

* Project's last release was 2010.

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