Issue while reinstalling ubuntu 14.04.1 on an existing partitioned disk

Subodh Konhor skonhor at
Mon Feb 23 17:45:42 UTC 2015


We have been making custom made initrd.gz generated through debian-installer for 10.04 and 12.04 ubuntu.

We have been partitioning the disk and have made it automated completely and ask user to answer only few questions.

The problem I am facing is as below:
You have mounted partition on /dev/sda

Would you like the installer to unmount it

In 14.04.1 ISO /dev/sda1 is mounted on to /media and doesn't get unmounted even if I use preseed/early_command string umount /media
I have tried all options of umount -l -f

Due to this a user has one more question to answer.

Neither does partman/unmount_active Boolean true work

Earlier in 12.04, It would not ask to unmount the disk.

Is there a solution to either unmount the disk or set the Boolean as true through preseed?


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