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SRR srrarr.1 at
Thu Apr 2 16:07:17 UTC 2015

Forgive me if this is not the appropriate place to post my question.

I am running 8-core AMD; 16 GB ram; Trusty UbuntuStudio, and Linphone
installed via "Software Center".

Linphone works except - My video doesn't show on my end (when selecting
"Enable Self-View") but does show on the other end of the Call. The
other End of the call doesn't show on my end either.

I hear the audio, and the other end hears me. My settings are ...

Network settings:
Transport -    set max trans unit   1500
Protocol & Ports
  SIP (TCP)        5062
  Audio            7078   fixed
  video            9078   fixed
NAT and Firewall - Direct Connect

Multimedia: playback device - ALSA default
            Ring -            ALSA default
            Capture -         ALSA VF0350 Live! Cam Video IM
Video:      Input device -    V4L2: /dev/video0
            Preferred Res. -  vga (640x480)

Codecs Enabled:
opus     48000 hz
speex    32000, 16000, 8000
PCMU     8000
L16      44100

Download / Upload Speed Limit - unchecked
Enable Adaptive Rate Control - checked

Any suggestions?
Stephen R.

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