Bash man page typo

Evan Ostroski eostroski at
Wed May 28 16:11:54 UTC 2014

Sorry if this isn't the place for this, wasn't sure where to send
this, and this list is listed as the package maintainer for bash in

I verified that the upstream is correct.  I found this while reading
bash[1] on Ubuntu 14.04.  Here's the main block:

Bash attempts to determine when it is being run with its standard input
connected  to a a network connection, as if by the remote shell daemon,
usually rshd, or the secure shell daemon sshd.   If bash  determines  it
is  being  run  in  this  fashion,  it reads and executes commands from
~/.bashrc and ~/.bashrc, if these files exist  and  are  readable.  It
will  not  do  this if invoked as sh.  The --norc option may be used to
inhibit this behavior, and the --rcfile option may  be  used  to  force
another  file  to be read, but rshd does not generally invoke the shell
with those options or allow them to be specified.

And the line in question:

~/.bashrc and ~/.bashrc, if these files exist  and  are  readable.

It seems like a reference to /etc/bash.bashrc was substituted with
~/.bashrc (back with 10.04?), and while the line isn't incorrect, it
is a typo.

Also this shows up:

Thank you!
Evan Ostroski

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