Package hamster-applet based off old source

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Sun May 25 08:32:19 UTC 2014

On 05/24/2014 08:08 PM, Miguel Guedes wrote:
> The package `hamster-applet' [0] is based off the (very) old 2.91.3
> release tagged in Nov 8 2010, though it seems to incorporate some more
> recent code from (upto?) 2012 (git commit b9fec3e1).
> The project has since advanced considerably, in particular there have
> been 7 releases since the old 2.91.3.
> Is there any reason why the package available in the Ubuntu repositories
> has been kept back? Are there, perhaps, any incompatibilities/issues in
> hamster's recent versions?
None that I am aware of OTOH. The package in Ubuntu is based off the package in
Debian, which is 2.91.3+git20120514.b9fec3e1-1. I think Debian may be in the
process of updating the package, so an update may be coming soon.

Jamie Strandboge       

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