Was [ Stephen P. Villano ] For that matter, where does one head for help in 14.04?

Stephen P. Villano stephen.p.villano at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 03:52:55 UTC 2014

On 3/29/14, 10:51 PM, Martín Cigorraga wrote:
> Hei, I created a new thread to don't pollute the other one with OT.
> "For that matter, where does one head for help in 14.04? I have a
> couple of issues on my test machines.
> One is with video resolution that seems kernel level on a rather old
> machine and antique nvidia card."
> To list video modes available in your systems you can try:
> # sudo hwinfo --framebuffer
> Once you find the resolution that suites your taste you just edit
> /etc/default/grub and feed GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 accordingly; don't
> forget to run # update-grub afterwards.
That one will be a tomorrow morning project. I'm seeing the modes, but
the mode was ignored when added to grub. I did notice a couple things
with how many bit video and such.
> "The other is giving strangeness with overlayfs.
> Neither is a show stopper, as I can break the overlay and update the
> kernel/grub and the other is simply stuck in 640x480, but it would be
> nice to get another pair of eyes on each problem to ensure it's a bug
> and not a keyboard-chair interface issue."
> What's your issue here?
With overlay on, I noticed the issue when grub was updated during one of
the updates that updated the kernel.
Do an update-grub and get the short version:
/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `overlayroot'.

Config and other data at http://pastebin.com/dUa0uUhc .

> //
> I would like to note that IINM this list isn't for support but instead
> for providing a way for developers to interact with us the users.
> My email concerning autofs was sent here as this is the email address
> provided by the packager of the tool in hope to learn where to get
> support with it.
> -- 
> /Martin

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