Twinkle 1.4.2 VoIP client in ubuntu / xubuntu 14.04?

Markus Robert Kessler ubuntu at
Tue Dec 2 23:56:03 UTC 2014

Dear developers,

from the repositories of ubuntu / xubuntu 14.04, Twinkle 1.4.2 VoIP client
can be installed.

Coming from Mandriva Linux, me and some colleagues are using Twinkle for
years now, because it is one of the most sophisticated VoIP clients, and
comes along with multi-line support and excellent speech quality.

So there seems to be no alternative.

Well, if you install this package, then unfortunately only the CLI version
will work, and no graphical user interface will be started at all.

Asking why in the ubuntu newsgroup, alt.os.linux.ubuntu, some people tried
to state that Twinkle relies on QT v.3 libraries and is not compatible
with higher versions. This is what I also had to realise when trying to
compile it on Mandriva.

But: Could Twinkle be compiled with statically linked QT-resources, so
that it can be added to the repository as a fully working package, not
depending on which QT libraries are installed?

It's a great application and it would hurt a lot no longer having it.

Thanks for your help,
best regards,


(Developer for Perl- and Shell based applications,
Nokia Ulm, Germany)

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