Michael Hall mhall119 at
Mon Dec 1 19:36:33 UTC 2014

It's fairly impossible, at this point in time, to have a discuss about
Devuan without it also being a discussion about systemd, that is the
raison d'etat for it's existence. If they can get it off the ground and
produce a stable, sustainable distribution, then that might change.

Michael Hall
mhall119 at

On 12/01/2014 02:31 PM, Diego Germán Gonzalez wrote:
> El 01/12/14 a las 15:45, Michael Hall escibió:
>> Please do keep an eye on Devuan's development, and participate in it if
>> you are interested in the direction they are taking. But I think we can
>> all agree that it is *far* too early to start thinking about rebase-ing
>> off of it.
> I only seek to comment that it would be interesting to pay attention to
> the project. I do not know why it ended in a discussion about systemd or
> its alternatives. or why it created so many negative reactions.
> It is not the first time that Ubuntu takes a fork (libreoffice, libav)
> and I think that negative reactions as exaggerated discourage
> participation of users

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