Bug handling in Ubuntu

Olะต Streicher ubuntu-list at liska.ath.cx
Mon Oct 21 15:24:35 UTC 2013


I am a long term Ubuntu user and I am also contributing to Ubuntu
through packages submitted to Debian. What I, however, did not
understand is the handling of bugs in Ubuntu.

When I find a bug specific to Ubuntu, and I do a search for whether it
is known, I always find lots of old bugs that seem to be never read by
anyone; just the submitter (and mybe some others that got the same
problem). Sometimes even a patch exists, or a certain bug is fixed in a
recent Ubuntu release but the bug still remains open.

Two examples:

dated from 2007, still open without any hint that someone is working on

Trivial to fix; a patch was proposed after a year, but was (probably?)
ignored. Fixed somehow, but the bug is still open.

etc. This is quite annoying and also makes the Ubuntu bug database
worthless. On Debian, my experience for bug report is quite opposite BTW.

So I do not understand: it is worth to report a bug? Who is looking for
them? What is the use of the bug database?

Best regards


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