possible to include sampling_down_factor in Ubuntu?

Daniel Hollocher danielhollocher at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 18:35:08 UTC 2013

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 5:09 AM, Robie Basak <robie.basak at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 03:21:49PM -0500, Daniel Hollocher wrote:
> > So again, how could this be "fixed" in Ubuntu?  If there are hardware
> > specific optimal values for sampling_down_factor, how would that get
> > included into Ubuntu?
> Am I right in understanding that this value can be changed at runtime?
> Or is it a kernel compile-time option?
> If runtime, then presumably there would have to be some userspace logic
> that detects what your system is and maps that to a preferred value.
> Perhaps it would examine /proc/cpuinfo or run dmidecode or something. Is
> this accurate?
> If so, then would a sensible first step be to implement this command in
> a userspace package?
> AFAICS this command would be the hard part, but doesn't require thought
> about integration, since it would be a separate piece anyway.
> Then the command might be extended to adjust the tunable itself with an
> option, and then the packaging might be extended to add an init script
> that does this on startup.

Thanks Robie,
You are correct that this is a run time option.  I think I can come up with
something simple that connects with the power management.  That made sense,
the more I thought about it, because who really is going to do a lot of hw
specific testing with this (much less any testing).

Thanks again,
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