Puppet version bump

John Moser john.r.moser at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 19:19:53 UTC 2013

I'm noticing that 2.7 is still the version of Puppet in Raring; however, 
version 3.0 was released October 1, 2012, before release of 12.04:


Does this package currently not have a maintainer, or is it just slow in 
Debian as well?

3.0 is an important release.  (Every Puppet release is an important 
release; Puppet is rather volatile.)  New features include integration 
of Hiera and deprecation of stored configurations in favor of PuppetDB 
for the same task.  Also the kick feature is deprecated in favor of 
mcollective.  Deprecated features still work, but the transition must be 
made before they become non-existent. You cannot jump from 2.7 to future 
3.5 without pain; 3.0 still allows some things that are going away, but 
provides their replacements, so you can move smoothly.

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