Survey for framework and library developers: "Information needs in software ecosystems"

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Sun Feb 17 22:56:20 UTC 2013

On Sun, 17 Feb 2013, Nicole Haenni wrote:
> I'm Nicole Haenni

Hello, thank for your time in documenting the Free Software ecosystem.  
There's normally a couple of these academic requests per year on the
Ubuntu project and its on-going expansion.  Past experience shows that
it's normal to include a few details that can't see here.

Would you be able to update the questionaire introduction to include:

  1. Professor and/or supervisor's name and contact details
  2. A statement from your University Ethics Committee
  3. Details of how the results will be published, where, and when

I'm sure it would be much comfortable for developers and contributors
to the Ubuntu project to share.  And it also makes it possible for
those who are interested to read the results.

Finally, I note that the example list of project repositories includes
GitHub, but not, the primary platform that Ubuntu uses!

Hope that helps,

	-Paul Sladen

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