Survey for framework and library developers: "Information needs in software ecosystems"

Nicole Haenni nicole.haenni at
Sun Feb 17 22:34:15 UTC 2013

I’m Nicole Haenni and I'm doing research for my thesis at the University of
Berne ( with Mircea Lungu and Niko Schwarz. We are researching
on monitoring the activity in software ecosystems. This is a study about
information needs that arise in such software ecosystems. I need your help
to fill out the survey below.

A software ecosystem can be a project repository like GitHub, an open
source community (e.g. the Apache community) or a language-based community
(e.g. Smalltalk has Squeaksource, Ruby has Rubyforge).

We formulate our research question as follows:
"What information needs arise when developers use code from other projects,
or see their own code used elsewhere."

Survey link:
or original link:

Thank you for your support!
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