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John Moser wrote on 10/02/13 23:52:
> ...
> I wish I could un-see that second one.  I'm completely baffled as
> to what "startup software" is (I'd imagine that would be the
> bootloader, kernel, systemd, all systemd/init scripts, and in
> Ubuntu's case X11 as well, along with everything in /bin and /sbin
> and /lib according to how Unix systems are lain out--everything
> required for system start-up belongs there, while everything not
> required for system start-up goes into /usr/)

Yes. <> But the button's
existence shouldn't be blocked on implementing repair of everything in
the world. So long as no promises are made, fixing 10% of startup
problems is better than fixing 0%. Filesystem location is irrelevant.

> tbh repair systems are a good idea, but they belong in their own 
> place.

If settings exist, people trying to fix problems are going to go into
the settings UI anyway. A better place to offer automated repair of
those settings and related software is unlikely.

> Don't care for "Here is a dialog to configure X system aspect.
> Also if your system is broken you can fix this part from here."
> Where is the "Troubleshoot my system" dialog?
> ...

Since neither the startup-specific one, nor the installation-specific
one <> have been implemented yet, I don't know why
you'd expect a more general one to exist!

Ubuntu is a brittle system: when anything goes wrong, it's bad at
helping people recover. Someone who isn't a front-end developer, but
wants to help with that problem in general, might start by setting up
an automated system to fuzz-test config files.

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