Aptitude installed by default on 13.10?

Brett Cornwall brettcornwall at lavabit.com
Tue Apr 9 17:02:25 UTC 2013

On 04/09/2013 12:57 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> It was never meant as a successor.

My mistake.

> "endorsed by the community" - not true. I'm a Debian Developer and
> Ubuntu Core Dev and I don't endorse either aptitude nor apt-get.

Well, I'm going by the goddamn page that's been there for years - 
forgive me if Debian fucked up their wiki. It clearly says that aptitude 
is the recommended program.

> What do you mean by "stable"? It didn't support multi-arch well for a
> long time, which is a flagship feature for Ubuntu for many releases
> now.
many releases meaning two? It's only been here since 12.04.

> If anything, it's aptitude which is less feature-rich =)
> Space on the CD is still a reason for not including duplicate functionality.

What CD?

> You still did not address how to fix the reverse dependencies which
> rely on apt-get.

Because I bowed my head. I understand. I understand. It's not a good 
idea. It won't work. It won't work. It's not a good idea. I understand. 
Thank you. Thank you. Get on with your daily lives.

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