Announcing tilda GTK+3 port

Lanoxx lanoxx at
Sun Sep 16 18:00:08 UTC 2012

Hi Stefano,

On 11/09/12 22:17, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Lanoxx (2012.09.11_21:34:23_+0200)
>> The other question is: What would be required to get this into Ubuntu?
> You'd release it, and then, ideally, you would encourage one the Debian
> tilda maintainers to upload it. (Presumably to experimental, as Debian is
> in freeze) Then we could sync it from Debian.
> However, it doesn't look like they have done much in the last few years.
> In fact, the primary maintainer of it has retired from Debian.
> So, it likely needs someone to take over maintenance of tilda in Debian.
> That is something you can help with, if you are interested.
> Anyway, the situation in Debian looks like it'll take a while to
> resolve. In the meantime:
> Ubuntu is in Feature Freeze for the 12.10 release:
> So, getting your new release into quantal could be possible, but it's
> already fairly late. There is a process for freeze exceptions, if your
> gtk+3 port is ready, and the risk of the new version is outweighed by
> the benefits it brings.
I have just released 1.0.0 (its tagged and branched in 'tilda-1-0') on 
my github repository at

The main changes are:

* Port to GTK+3 and VTE 2.90
* Fixed bug
* Migrated from libglade to GtkBuilder
* Many new configurable shortcuts (e.g. switch to tab, quit, open/close tab)
* Fixed some Gtk-Critical and Gtk-Warnings that were showing on the shell
* Added XDG Config spec support, tilda will now migrate existing config 
files to ~/.config or XDG_CONFIG_HOME
    and store now configs there.
* Some cleanup to the autotools build infrastructure
* Deprecated and removed a some old code (e.g. use glib with gettext 
instead of some (very) old statically linked gettext library, removed 
some old settings migration code)
* More documentation in the code and in autotools files to help help 
interested developers gettings started

All in all I believe it that tilda is now much more stable than the old 
version which is from 2009 or earlier and it uses gtk+3 and has XDG 
config spec support. So I would argue that it is definitely worth to 
make a freeze exception for this. Unfortunately I have never build a 
Debian package and I'm not sure if I have the time to learn that in the 
next few days. So if someone could help me with that, that would be awesome.

Im looking forward to your feedback.
>> Ubuntu has already a tilda project registered in launchpad
> That's entirely unrelated to the Ubuntu package.
> Don't worry about the LP package.
> Please come and stick your nose into #ubuntu-motu on,
> if you want to discuss this.
> SR

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