Announcing tilda GTK+3 port

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Tue Sep 11 20:17:56 UTC 2012

Hi Lanoxx (2012.09.11_21:34:23_+0200)
> The other question is: What would be required to get this into Ubuntu?

You'd release it, and then, ideally, you would encourage one the Debian
tilda maintainers to upload it. (Presumably to experimental, as Debian is
in freeze) Then we could sync it from Debian.

However, it doesn't look like they have done much in the last few years.
In fact, the primary maintainer of it has retired from Debian.
So, it likely needs someone to take over maintenance of tilda in Debian.
That is something you can help with, if you are interested.

Anyway, the situation in Debian looks like it'll take a while to
resolve. In the meantime:

Ubuntu is in Feature Freeze for the 12.10 release:
So, getting your new release into quantal could be possible, but it's
already fairly late. There is a process for freeze exceptions, if your
gtk+3 port is ready, and the risk of the new version is outweighed by
the benefits it brings.

> Ubuntu has already a tilda project registered in launchpad

That's entirely unrelated to the Ubuntu package.

Don't worry about the LP package.

Please come and stick your nose into #ubuntu-motu on,
if you want to discuss this.


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