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Vincent Ladeuil vila+udd at
Thu Oct 18 09:03:27 UTC 2012

>>>>> Nicolas Michel <be.nicolas.michel at> writes:

    > Honnestly, nobody never understood these pretty technical concepts of
    > permissions (I mean usual end-users, not us that are talking on a dev linux
    > distrib mailing-list).



    > To go further, I think "sharing" should even not be implemented into
    > nautilus or other file browser!


    > It should be something standalone with a shortcut in the dash,
    > which opens a windows like the system configuration one with some
    > icons like : - see my current shares - create a new share -
    > connect to a share that someone gave me

Sounds like something already implemented in ubuntu one to me ;)

In a nutshell: people don't understand permissions and their
fallouts. It's simpler to have home directories and their content
private (or even encrypted) and define shares in a special place. I can
think of only two kinds of share to be honest:

- I have write access and nobody else,

- I and others have write access.

And even that is not that simple when you start wanting to access them

This has been the case for decades and no OS I know of ever come close
to a flawless solutions until we started to use the cloud for sharing at
which point OSes and their incompatible permission schemes became


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