Drop Gwibber from default install

David Klasinc bigwhale at lubica.net
Mon Mar 12 21:27:07 UTC 2012


My input here will not be completely unbiased, because time to time, I
hack on Gwibber and I help with minor patches here and there.
Nevertheless, I am probably one of the first people complaining to Ken
about things that are broken or half broken.

OP suggested removal of Gwibber based on four bugs and his comparison of
Gwibber UX with UX on Twitter website. As it was pointed out already,
Gwibber is more than just a Twitter client and its integration with
Ubuntu is something that no other client can offer.

Comparing Gwibber with Twitter website should be taken with a grain of
salt. Twitter launched its current web site in ~December 2011~, before
that Twitter website was as usable as a bicycle to a fish. And even now,
the UX of Twitter website can be debated, I have seen better UX designs,
this one is not a gem.

Regardless, this is no excuse for Gwibber being bad. Gwibber is not
perfect but it is also far from being so bad that we should get rid of
it. First of all, there is no alternative replacement and second, there
are people who are trying to make it better and are constantly working
on it.

Gwibber needs another pair of hands and eyes (perhaps even two (or
three) pairs), so that we can catch up with high priority bugs and start
hacking down the wishlist.

Most of the other posts on this subject are really irrelevant with no
valid arguments or suggestions. Yes, Gwibber is not perfect, but we are
working on it and with each release it gets better. Constructive
criticism helps and is appreciated, ranting with no real arguments just
makes people sad.


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