Drop Gwibber from default install

Rodney Dawes rodney.dawes at canonical.com
Sun Mar 11 21:54:17 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-03-11 at 15:37 -0500, Bedwell, Jordon wrote:
> I don't need to troll Canonical, you lot do just fine at that by
> yourselves.  But I'll leave it to a Canonical employee to assume that
> everybody who disagrees must be a troll and therefore is one by
> default because they are blunt and don't sprinkle love and care all
> over their statements as if it's a new born baby.

No, I think you're a troll, because you aren't being blunt, but rather
are replying to a thread with a sense of self-righteousness and
self-entitlement; only because someone replied to it from a
canonical.com address; so that you can rant about a completely unrelated
project to which the original message in the thread is about. Your
replies fit the exact behavior of trolling. Had I sent the *exact* same
message as my original reply to the original repost, from any of my
other addresses, you would not have even replied. The fact you mentioned
Canonical at all, clearly stated your intent was to troll the thread.

And again, because it obviously wasn't clear the first time:

Everyone who works at Canonical does not work on the Design team, or
the Unity team, or the same team, whatever team you are trying to vent
your frustration about. If you do wish to discuss specific concerns with
the Design team about Unity, then there is a mailing list for that. It
is called "unity-design" in fact.

Also, for the record, Gwibber is not a Canonical project, since you
seem to be assuming it is.

So please stop making poor assumptions about how development happens
for Gwibber, Ubuntu, and Canonical. And please stop trying to jack
someone else's thread to rant.


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