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> Hi All,
> I want to introduce myself since this is the my first message on this
> mailing list.
> I am currently the principal maintainer of Luminance HDR, an
> open-source project that some of you may already know with its
> previous name, Qtpfsgui. I took over as leader of the project in
> September 2010, granted by the previous principal (Giuseppe Rota).
> Since then, constantly fighting with the lack of time, I have tried to
> improve Luminance HDR, releasing a new version every 6 months or so.
> The current version (2.2.) is dated January 2012
> (, but Ubuntu repositories are
> still stuck on Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 (
> ).
> I don't know whether this mail list is the right place, but I wonder
> whether it is possible to push for an update of this package into the
> next Ubuntu LTS. Currently Ubuntu's users keep up to date using
> external PPA.
> Best regards,
> Davide Anastasia

Hi Davide,

Typically Ubuntu gets its packages from Debian, so I would ask there first.

>From the looks of things [1], the package is effectively unmaintained:
there's been no update since 2010, and the 'Problems' section says they're
looking for a new maintainer. Since someone is already building debs (I
assume) for the PPA, it would probably be easiest if they could take over
maintaining the official package in Debian. Then, Ubuntu will sync up with
Debian and get the latest package automatically.

If whoever is building the debs right now isn't an official Debian
maintainer, that's fine: Debian has a mentoring/sponsorship program for
just these situations [2].


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