Ubuntu failed completely for a while

Erik Kaiser erikkaiser800 at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 22 16:09:29 UTC 2012

Hello !

My operating system has given up for a while.

I have tried to follow advice in these sites :


and :


for the purpose to enable the usage of a 64 GB sdxc card in connection
with a XS Stick W21 to surfe wireless, 4G systems.

Although it was possible add an icon for the card to the desktop Linux
complained it still is not possible to mount the card, it is an exfat

After typing in the information for the modem and restarting the
computer Linux 11.10 did not load anymore and I had to help myself
with an older version.

The following information was displayed on the monitor : BusyBox
v1.18.4 (Ubuntu1:1.18.4-2ubuntu2) built-in shell (ash) Enter help for
a list of built in commands.

Some of my newer files have not been secured, so I have an interest to
recover the operating system or to access the information for a
security copy.

The memtest was no problem.

The recovery version of Linux 11.10 failed also.

This is mail from Berlin, Germany.

Anybody who can help with good advice ?

Are some of the commands placed in the net suitable to kill my system
? Perhaps I speculate too much.

Have a nice day.


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