Modern USB surfsticks and sdxc / sdhc cards in Ubuntu with Asus ee PC904HA subnotebook

Erik Kaiser erikkaiser800 at
Wed Jun 13 16:36:49 UTC 2012

Hello !

I recently purchased a USB surfstick. The name is XSStick W21, HSPA=
21.6 Mbit/s USB stick with a slot for a sim and a slot for mini sd
card up to 32 GB, it was produced for a German company called
klarmobil in Hamburg. The device is recognized by the disk utility but
unfortunately it is not possible to use the stick to surf in the net
yet. Ubuntu does not have an idea which driver would have to be
uploaded. I have an Asus ee subnotebook PC904HA. Can you add the
concerned drivers to the next Ubuntu version ? Also I have a 64 GB
sdxc / sdhc card I would like to use. The same problem occurs, the
card is identified but can not be accessed to write on it. Some
suggestions how to solve the problem would be helpful. According to
experience new devices can be used if an upgrade or update contains
the required software.
Hopefully this will be the case also here.

Have a nice day


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