Thinking about adding a Twitter stream to the Ubuntu install slideshow

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Thu Jan 19 00:13:18 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 01:37:20PM -0800, Dane Mutters wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> > Given our scale, I'd say that the neighbourly thing to do is for Ubuntu
> > installs to only touch Ubuntu network resources.  However, that isn't to
> > say that an Ubuntu service couldn't deal with fetching a set of
> > per-language feeds of interesting content from somewhere else, and then
> > multiplex those out to clients installing Ubuntu (which would also allow
> > filtering, swapping in some entirely different feed later, etc.).
> > Perhaps talk with the Canonical sysadmins about the practicalities of
> What if we were to have this feed on Twitter, but instead of pulling
> content directly from Twitter to the installer, copy it to an Ubuntu server
> first, and pull it from the Ubuntu server to the installer?

Yes, I think that's more or less what I meant. :-)  I would suggest not
tying the implementation to a single social networking site; but having
it on an Ubuntu server should make it easy to change later.

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