Thinking about adding a Twitter stream to the Ubuntu install slideshow

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Wed Jan 18 21:37:20 UTC 2012

> I share this concern; our sysadmins had some visualisations of 11.10
> installs hitting the Ubuntu geoip service around release time, and
> although I forget the numbers the spike was pretty huge.
> Given our scale, I'd say that the neighbourly thing to do is for Ubuntu
> installs to only touch Ubuntu network resources.  However, that isn't to
> say that an Ubuntu service couldn't deal with fetching a set of
> per-language feeds of interesting content from somewhere else, and then
> multiplex those out to clients installing Ubuntu (which would also allow
> filtering, swapping in some entirely different feed later, etc.).
> Perhaps talk with the Canonical sysadmins about the practicalities of

What if we were to have this feed on Twitter, but instead of pulling
content directly from Twitter to the installer, copy it to an Ubuntu server
first, and pull it from the Ubuntu server to the installer?  This would
eliminate the (potential) problem of being "un-neighborly) to Twitter,
without sacrificing the desired functionality, or the exposure of having
this stream on such a popular site (for those who wish to see it via a web
browser or similar).  This would also allow Ubuntu to post this feed to
just one place (Twitter), and have it propagate wherever it's needed
without bombarding Twitter with installer traffic.

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