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Dear Jeremy I know ubuntu takes "only" 3.2 kernel when 3.3 is out, but there is a main differences between kernel and gnome:
the major kernel bugs are backported into the older releases, with a SRU in 3.2 release cycle, so you don't have to worry about updates.

In gnome things are quite different, when a new release is going to be developed there is only a .1 update and stop.

So if you find a bug into a 3.2 gnome this mean that if you report it upstream nobody will take care of it without asking you to update into a new gnome release, and downstream developers won't take care since gnome isn't the official GUI manager, so wait or try unity that is fully supported.

BTW using a ppa for me is alwais a conceptual fail, since ubuntu's main goal should be "an approach to every users, also with the clueless ones".
and I have some report of a totally broken GUI after an update with gnome3's ppa (I'm talking about the Natty series).

So, some people will have a little broblem when trying to report bugs upstream without having the latest software running on their machines.



>Actually, Ubuntu 12.04 will include the 3.2 kernel but the latest
stable kernel will be 3.3.

> Please don't leave users to search for a ppa/build it themselves, since this
> is a bit usability problem, and a regression for bug 1 [1]

This has nothing whatsoever to do with bug 1, except for the fact that
most people prefer their computers to just work and not necessarily be
running the latest software versions. This is especially the case for
a Long Term Support release.

The parts of GNOME 3.4 that don't make it into Ubuntu 12.04 will not
be hidden, but will be available in the GNOME 3 PPA, which is actually
the same place you'd find GNOME 3.0 for 11.04 and 3.2 for 11.10.


With the exception of the GNOME 3.0 release cycle (which was unusual),
this will be the first time that Ubuntu is not targeting all of the
latest GNOME. Our intention is to balance the goals of shipping tested
software and shipping the latest software in order to provide a
stable, less buggy Ubuntu 12.04.

Jeremy Bicha
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