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On Fri, 6 Jan 2012 15:41:21 +0000
James Haigh <james.r.haigh at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was a keen Unity fan when Natty came out. However, since Oneiric,
> Unity is the main reason why I'm still using Natty.
> It has become a lot less usable, and a bit less elegant (Eg: Ubuntu
> start button thing). Some of the things that drew me to Natty have
> gone.
> It's not the first time that upgrading Ubuntu has lost features, but
> usually it's worth it due to other improvements. These things aren't
> accidental regressions, they are intentional. I think there should be
> some way of communicating to developers positive feedback about
> features (not just bugs or feature requests). Otherwise you only hear
> when it goes wrong. Something like "I use this feature and it's good!
> Please don't remove it!", or at the very least, there should be an
> /option/ to enable the feature even if it's no longer default.
> I'm planning on switching to Gnome 3, but why isn't there a flavour of
> Ubuntu for Gnome? I want to give out CDs again, but I'm not giving out
> any post-Natty version of Unity.
> James Haigh.

Unity in 11.10 is way more stable than in 11.04. Also, why Gnome 3 if
Unity is the main desktop environment for Ubuntu now? Shouldn't it be
the showcase to present, if you are giving out Ubuntu CD's? 

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