Merge Tilda changes

Lanoxx lanoxx at
Wed Feb 29 12:20:06 UTC 2012

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply I have contacted the original developer on 
sourceforge and asked him to merge the patches. If he declines or does 
not answer, then I will propose to make lp:tilda the new upstream branch.


On 29/02/12 00:34, Martin Pool wrote:
> On 29 February 2012 09:30, Lanoxx<lanoxx at>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to know how to contact the VCS import team? I would like to ask
>> for this branch of the tilda source to be merge to the upstream branch
>> lp:tilda at:
>> There are some nice changes in this branch and I find it quite disappointing
>> they are just lying around for such a long time already. So is there any
>> chance they can be merged? And if not could some one at least leave about
>> what needs to be changed so the branch can get merged?
> If they're in CVS, the best way to do it is probably to send a diff of
> your changes (which you can download from
> <>,
> linked from that page) and send it to the upstream developers, either
> to their mailing list or perhaps attaching it to an upstream bug.
> If upstream is inactive, you might be better off just maintaining your
> own branch on Launchpad and becoming the new maintainer.
> Tangentially, it looks like that branch deletes the .cvsignore file
> and so on, which might be appropriate if you're taking over the
> branch, but probably not so much if you're contributing a patch to
> cvs.  But that can easily be filtered out when it's applied.
> We do have some ideas for improving the "sending patches upstream"
> story in lp and hopefully they will get implemented at some point.
> Regards,
> Martin

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