Geoip examples why solution is needed -- can we find a solution to bug #820895

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The Geoip behavior in Precise is another example of users' inability to control outbound connections on their computer. Users have no settings option to control/prevent these internet connections to fetch the timezone (something that can easily be set manually without an internet connection taking place). And with no application firewall, users are left with no way to block this behavior.

I started a forum post on the topic here:

Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:52:13 +0100
Subject: RE: Dash examples why solution is needed -- can we find a solution to bug #820895
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To: nrundy at

Total agreement from here!

On Feb 23, 2012 1:07 PM, "nick rundy" <nrundy at> wrote:

This bug that I reported is a great example of why Ubuntu needs to be able to log internet connections by application/process and find a way to give users control over outbound internet connections:

The Dash Video Lens is connecting to the internet basically by default without regard to active filters. This is a major problem for users who want to control internet connection behavior for privacy reasons or for mobile broadband usage limit reasons.

On Ubuntu, users do not have the same control that Windows & Mac provide over Applications' ability to connect to the internet. Ubuntu users should be able to exert this control over the applications on their computer. They should also have an easy way to discover or be apprised of the internet connections that occur on their computer.



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