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Clint Byrum clint at
Wed Feb 22 17:41:43 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Deni Bertović's message of Wed Feb 22 07:44:00 -0800 2012:
> I believe that some corrections need to be made to this package.
> Namely the 'nginx' package contains only the docs (/usr/share/nginx/doc)
> when it should be a meta package aggregating nginx-full and nginx-common.
> "apt-get install nginx" when invoked initially on a clean machine
> recognizes that nginx-full and nginx-common need to be installed and that
> is fine.
> However, when "apt-get remove nginx" is invoked right after that,  it only
> removes the nginx package (the doc package) and leaves nginx-full and
> nginx-common intact and still installed.
> I believe it should remove all of the packages so that when install is
> invoked again it actually re-installs them again.
> Also if the nginx package just contains the docs should it not be named
> nginx-doc? The nginx meta package should then aggregate nginx-full,
> nginx-common and nginx-doc. And when remove is invoked remove them all from
> the system.

Hi Deni, thanks for your interest.

nginx *is* a meta package, but meta packages work a little differently
than you are expecting.

It simply Depends on nginx-full | nginx-light. This pulls nginx-full in as
"automatically installed". So when you remove nginx, nginx-full will be
listed in the packages that will be uninstalled with 'apt-get autoremove'.

Its an interesting idea to add more capabilities to dpkg to allow a
meta package to fully aggregate packages, but right now, dpkg does not
have that capability, and the ramifications of doing things that way as
opposed to the way they're done now has not been considered.

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