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Deni Bertović deni at
Wed Feb 22 15:44:00 UTC 2012

I believe that some corrections need to be made to this package.

Namely the 'nginx' package contains only the docs (/usr/share/nginx/doc)
when it should be a meta package aggregating nginx-full and nginx-common.

"apt-get install nginx" when invoked initially on a clean machine
recognizes that nginx-full and nginx-common need to be installed and that
is fine.
However, when "apt-get remove nginx" is invoked right after that,  it only
removes the nginx package (the doc package) and leaves nginx-full and
nginx-common intact and still installed.
I believe it should remove all of the packages so that when install is
invoked again it actually re-installs them again.

Also if the nginx package just contains the docs should it not be named
nginx-doc? The nginx meta package should then aggregate nginx-full,
nginx-common and nginx-doc. And when remove is invoked remove them all from
the system.

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